So I'm seeing a lot of talk against the new Pope because he's anti-gay, abortion, etc etc. As if people are SURPRISED that he will think this way. It's against his religion, and he was a Cardinal, what else is he supposed to believe? They're taking this belief as if it's some sort of indication that he's going to be just another evil pedophile-apologizer pope.

Did people really think that somehow a new pope meant he was going to stand up and endorse women priests, become pro-choice and start allowing gay weddings at St. Peter's? I think it's way more important that he's a big believer in social justice, in helping the poor, and getting rid of the horrible economic inequalities, especially in the Latin countries and Africa. This is very important, IMO more important than gay rights. I guess it still stands to be seen how he goes about fixing the damage from the sexual abuse scandals.

But, I don't know. I'm a lapsed Catholic for liberal, feminist reasons, but the Church is hugely important to my family (many of whom happen to be Argentinian) and my FB feed has shown a lot of shitty angry comments against this new Pope who we have known for about 6 hours. And the knee-jerk hate gets to me. People immediately assuming he's the Catholic Fred Phelps bug me.