I'm really nervous/excited about the Supreme Court hearing arguments regarding DOMA and Prop 8 tomorrow.

If they overturn DOMA, it will be HUGE. My partner and I married in Canada, and she's a disabled veteran. We were elated when Don't Ask Don't Tell was overturned, she doesn't have to hide me anymore. Now, if DOMA is struck down and we can get married here (or have our legal Canadian marriage recognized), it'll just be... I can't even. It feels like it's happening so fast. She can put me on her VA health insurance, which is free, and for life. I COUNT when her military benefits get calculated. Among other things.

Anyway, I'm not being very coherent, but SHIT I can't believe it can actually HAPPEN. Those of us who are *ahem* a little older and can remember when stuff like what's happened in the last couple years was just a pipe dream? It's ca-razy!