THANK YOU for not posting the picture. I’ve been very careful about not being accidentally surprised by seeing the picture so far. I scrolled very very slowly down past the headline hoping you would be thoughtful enough to only link. » 4/19/15 4:42pm Sunday 4:42pm

You guys should definitely take the time to watch more of these Nautilus live videos. They’re so soothing and interesting! The narrators are always endearing and it’s just like going along on super interesting scuba dives with a bunch of friends. Who dork out on things like seeing a rare crab or something. The entire… » 4/16/15 4:29pm Thursday 4:29pm

In college I lived in a shitty apartment with a roommate who regularly forgot to lock the door. I woke up one night and half-asleep watched a tall silhouette of a man first open the door to my room to make sure I was sleeping, then walk around and look at the stuff on my dresser. It took me a few seconds for my brain… » 4/10/15 10:35am 4/10/15 10:35am

I only ever attended shows with friends, because I went to college in Richmond in the late 80's/early 90's when they were still a local phenomenon. I can't say that I liked their music, it was more of a messy theatrical experience that as a 19-year-old who hung out with art students I thought was super cool. » 4/07/15 7:13am 4/07/15 7:13am

I think she’s very, very careful about what she wears to avoid any iota of controversy. I think she’s very aware of the Diana effect, and how much it pissed off the Queen. I think she knows that the press are DYING to turn her into Diana 2.0 and she’s very deliberately not giving them any temptation. She was never… » 4/06/15 9:08pm 4/06/15 9:08pm