Hey, remember when Bush/Cheney/Rove "accidentally" deleted about 8 million emails back in '07 when they were being investigated for firing 8 US Attorney Generals, and the outing of Valerie Plame as an undercover CIA officer? » 3/31/15 12:37pm Yesterday 12:37pm

No, AMC decided to split the season, not Mad Men producers. AMC saw giant dollar signs and extra shots at Emmys, they wanted to re-create the hype they created when they split the last season of Breaking Bad. » 3/30/15 11:48am Monday 11:48am

On my wedding, I paid for a stylist to do my hair and makeup and also my sisters and my mom. She did my mom first and I thought she looked lovely lovely. Mom went back to her hotel room while the rest of us got ready then a couple hours later when we all gather back again for pictures, my mom's hair and makeup are… » 3/28/15 12:25pm Saturday 12:25pm

I honestly think it's such a silly tradition? No one is going to mistake you for the bride. You'd have to work hard to upstage the star of the show, she's usually in the big floofy dress and the veil and the center of attention. » 3/27/15 5:30pm Friday 5:30pm

Maybe instead of indulging in I'm-so-much-smarter-than-the-regular-commenters rage-gasm about a simple mistake, you could explain *why* the mistake is so "disgusting"? You're coming off like a dick who can't be bothered to explain why and then get angry when people don't understand what you're angry about. Chill. Not… » 3/26/15 3:58pm 3/26/15 3:58pm

No way would they name a daughter Diana. There's way too much baggage. Maaaybe if it was one of the middle names, but not likely. Maybe Frances, since it's Diana's middle name. » 3/24/15 5:29pm 3/24/15 5:29pm

I was honestly so dismayed to learn yesterday that Ted Cruz has two young daughters. Oh, girls, may you grow up rebellious and free-thinking and one day realize how toxic your father's politics are. Crossing fingers. Don't end up like the Palins. » 3/24/15 5:16pm 3/24/15 5:16pm

You know, I consider myself pretty internet savvy, and have been online since the early AOL days. I don't know what that says about me or my internet habits that this is literally the first time I've even heard of the Chive at all. This is fascinating. Not that it sounds like a site that I'd enjoy, or that my circle… » 3/24/15 1:25pm 3/24/15 1:25pm

Probably it was sent by his current wife. They have an "arrangement". He gave her power of attorney over his finances. I don't know, is it illegal for a wife to send her husband money? » 3/24/15 11:35am 3/24/15 11:35am

I was in DC at the time, my parents and I went to the embassy and stood in line for a long time to sign the condolence book. It was massive, the amount of flowers. » 3/23/15 1:44pm 3/23/15 1:44pm

I'm such an idiot that the headline confused me and I stared at that picture for the longest time thinking it was some sort of slow-motion animated gif, waiting for her to slowly powder her face. » 3/20/15 8:26pm 3/20/15 8:26pm

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I heard recently that a main part of their philosophy is they are convinced the end of the world is coming, and their role is to do as much as possible to bring it about. They've been chosen to bring about Judgement, by going by an extremely literal reading of the Quran. » 3/20/15 12:30pm 3/20/15 12:30pm